lundi 7 juin 2010

A little blabbering on the so called soulmates

"No matter how much someone loves you, and how much you love someone, or even how you're meant for each other, if you don't work out on your relationship, it wont last long, or even if it does, it wont stay good, it wont go well."--- my fairy godmother, Oshin, like years ago.

So, what if soul mates don't really exist?

Now lets get started on some quotes. "The idea of we can only be complete if we're with the other half is actually pathetic." Yes, i couldn't agree more. What about people who choose celibacy, like Oprah in example? Yeah we all need company in life; family, friends, love mate, and else, but not only one single person. is it possible to have soul-mates? or even if you're already found your significant other, are you a hundred percent sure that he/she is your so-called soul mate? what if then it turns out that your spouse isn't your soulmate? what if, lets say, you thought you've found your soulmate, but then you were wrong, and you found another one, the real one? what if you're wrong all over again? until when will you keep on doing this hunt for a soulmate?

My favorite couple in (TV) world don't believe in soulmates. (And yeah, idk whether the word "couple" should go on with don't or doesn't.) I am talking about Chandler Bing and Monica Geller. "I don't believe in soulmates. we met each other, we liked each other, then we fell in love. but then again, we worked on this relationship. we managed. that's what makes us together until now." That clearly doesn't sound romantic, but i think Monica's got the point. (Anw, where's that cheesy side of me? Hello?) Love is just not sufficient. Soulmate inst as simple as finding someone, its more likely "working and staying with someone". that's my opinion. Not that ive already found one and getting ready to tie the knot (doh, ive just graduated from highschool like 2 weeks ago!). My mom always says that no relationship could survive only by having love. even in marriages, love will go away in like 15-20 years. after that, all you have are, respect, tolerance, friendship -a super special one, you can call it love, but by this term i dont mean the one that makes you blush or gives you butterflies. the kind of love that lies one step higher than the usual lovey dovey thingy, if you get what i mean.

as much as BJ Habibie loves his late wife, i bet they also had to work things out sometimes. they managed to get through all the obstacles and stayed together, and in the end it's fair to call them 'soulmates".

okay. revision. Soulmates exist. But a soulmates is earned, not only as simple as found. nothing comes for free.

i still believe that God has the right one for me, and i do believe that God gives good person a good spouse. I hope i'll get a good one. really good one. Amen.

Btw, i dont know what put me on writing this things. Too many episodes of Friends, i guess?

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